4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Hardwood Floors

You finally got rid of that ratty old carpet and replaced it with gleaming, beautiful hardwood flooring. Now the only problem is you aren’t quite sure how to take care of your new hardwood floors. The last thing you want is for your gorgeous hardwood flooring to become stained, dull, or scratched. Instead, just follow these tips for keeping your hardwood floors like new for as long as possible:

Prevent Furniture Damage

It can happen very quickly: You move a chair to be closer to the TV, or decide to try a new couch arrangement, and the feet of your furniture leave behind a huge scrape on your hardwood floors. This can be prevented by decorating with area or throw rugs placed under the furniture. Another option is to only move furniture after placing slides or pads designed for that purpose on the feet, and then gently sliding the furniture from place to place.

Protect Your Floors From Pets

Neglecting your pets’ nail trimming can be disastrous for your new hardwood floors. If your pets’ nails make loud clicking noises when they walk across your hardwood floors, their nails are too long and need a trim. Many pet owners find clipping their squirming dog or cat’s nails a bit nerve-wracking, and if this is the case you can always bring your pets to a groomer each month to keep their nails in shape. Neatly trimmed nails are more comfortable for your pets and will keep your floors from getting needlessly scratched up.

Keep Dirt at Bay

Keeping your hardwood floors clean and free of dirt and dust doesn’t just make them look great, it also helps them last longer. This is because the small particles in dirt and dust can act like sandpaper on your wood floors, grinding into them and dulling their surface whenever you walk across the floor. It’s best to sweep up the dirt at least once a week with a vacuum or microfiber sweeper.

Mop Regularly

Now that your hardwood floors are free of dust and dirt, it’s time to mop them to keep them shiny and clean-looking. Look for floor cleaners designed specifically for hardwood floors. These cleaners are designed to help get rid of dirt, make your floors shiny, and even help protect the floor’s surface from damage.

By following these tips, your new hardwood floors will remain beautiful for many years to come.  

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