Brighten Up Your Kitchen And Make It More Enjoyable To Cook With Added Greenery

One of the best ways to renovate your kitchen and make it more inviting is to add more greenery. While the greenery in your kitchen may be pretty bare right now, a remodeling project can quickly transform your kitchen into a space that you love cooking in. If your kitchen isn’t ready for the addition of new plants or feels too dark, you want to look into what kinds of projects you can tackle to make greenery a great addition to the kitchen.

Add a Skylight

An easy way to add more lighting to your kitchen so that your plants can thrive is through a skylight. While this may not be an option for a two-story home, skylights can be fairly inexpensive when installed into a single story home. Not only can a skylight look beautiful when installed properly, the amount of natural light it can add can give your home a big boost in property value.

As you prepare for getting a skylight installed, you want to consider the different styles that are available and the size that would best suit your kitchen. Keeping in mind the height of your cabinets and other features in the kitchen can also help ensure that the new skylight fits in wonderfully.

Install a Garden Window Box

Another way to brighten up your kitchen with new plants is by getting a garden window box installed. If you already have a window installed in front of the sink, you can quickly and inexpensively rip out the old window and replace it with a mounted window box. What these windows do is extend outwards from your home, providing a shelf where you can place any kind of houseplant or herb so that it will enjoy plenty of natural lighting while giving your kitchen a new look.

Mount an Herb Garden

If you’re interested in growing your own herbs indoors, there’s no better option than mounting an herb garden on the wall. While this may not work for a cramped kitchen that has all of the walls used already, it can work wonderfully for a kitchen that has an empty wall just waiting to be filled. A mounted wall garden should provide plenty of space for herbs to grow as long as a drainage system is installed as well.

As you prepare for making some remodeling fixes to your kitchen with the help of a company like Smith & Son Building & Remodeling, Inc., you should quickly see how you can bring in more greenery and make your kitchen look great as a result. From adding new lighting to creating new ways for plants to thrive, the above tips can help you get started. 

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