4 Treasures You Will Want To Look For When Cleaning Up Junk To Be Hauled Away

When it is time to clean up your property, there may be a lot of clutter to get rid of. Some of these things may be junk that has collected in an old barn, shed, or other areas of your property. It may not be all yours and can have some hidden treasures or some things that are worth too much to just throw to the landfill. Here are some of the hidden treasures you will want to be on the lookout for when you are cleaning up that junk and clutter:

1. Looking For Metals That May Be More Valuable Than Scrap Steel

There are many metals that you may find around your home, which are usually steels and tins. Some of these metals may be more valuable than what you thought. For auto parts, be on the lookout for aluminum and alloys. Other junk like old kitchenware may have silver in it, and things like pipes can have brass, copper, and lead materials that are very valuable.

2. Keeping An Eye Out For Hidden Collectibles That Are More Than Just Junk

There are also hidden collectables that can be mixed in with old clutter. Some collectors’ items can include exterior lighting and fixtures and old plumbing fixtures like baths, sinks, and vanities. You may even have one of those old tube radios stored away in a garage; this is something that can be very valuable to collectors that are into antique radios.

3. Odd Parts And Pieces That Collectors Search For To Do Restorations To Anything

There are also many old parts that you may come across in old junk. These can be things like old parts from cars, lights, and any other collectibles. If you have boxes of old parts, it may be worth the time to go through them to see if any of these are valuable. Even an old antique radio that is severely damaged and does not work can be full of valuable tube amplifiers that collectors and restorers look for.

4. Old And Ugly Kitchen Supplies That Are Worth More Than You May Have Thought

Sometimes, you may have old kitchen supplies stored away in a barn or shed. Some of these materials can be worth a lot more than you may think. Old sets of pots made of steel with glass lids can be valuable for collectors that want to complete a set. There are also many of these items that may be silver, which can be valuable in its form or if you want to melt it down into raw metal.

These are some of the hidden treasures that you may want to be on the lookout for when you are cleaning up a mess of clutter around your home. If you need help getting the rest hauled off, contact a junk removal service like The Dump Guy to help with the rest of the cleanup. 

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