Stranger Things To Worry About With Weird Weather

Is it fall? Is it winter? Should the world be relying on almanacs and circled dates on a calendar, or are these weird weather patterns something that needs to be planned for more carefully? As the seasons change, you may switch from window cooling to air conditioning to fans more times than you can count, but if you’re in an area with insects, birds, and other pests that could get through windows or damage your property, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not exposing yourself to failure. Here’s a few things to watch out for as you improve your home for strange seasons and stranger problems.

Insects Want Comfort, Too

As the summer changes into fall…then back to summer, suddenly winter and fall again due to strange weather patterns in many areas, you may not know what to do to keep your home comfortable. As the temperature shifts, your home might become a more comfortable constant that insects and other pests can’t ignore.

Is your home sealed against pests? It’s hard to protect against the errant fly or spider that gets in when the door is open, but are there gaps between the door and the door frame? What about your windows? A lot of cracks are terrible for keeping a home at an efficient, comfortable, and affordable price—especially when an air conditioning unit is involved–but it also makes it easier for insects to retreat from the harsh, rapidly changing weather.

This is a problem that happens even in stable weather, but it can lead to strange things inside the home. Insects can slip in when your home is warm and toasty as the outdoors become cold, but when you need to turn on the air conditioning, dead insects can start appearing in strange places. Sure, it takes care of your insect problem, but you shouldn’t have had the insect problem in the first place.

You’ll need to contact a home improvement specialist to get the right kind of sealant, replacements, and repairs. It’s better for your heating and cooling bill, as outside air won’t challenge the air conditioning unit and inside air won’t be wasted on the outside. It also keeps the insects outside as much as possible, both for your comfort and to not treat insects to a cruel trick.

Window Screens For A Slower, Comfortable Cooling

If you’re turning the air conditioning on and off for minute corrections, try turning it off completely. In the mild parts of summer, fall, and the strange hot-cool-hot sensation that pretends to be early winter in some areas, just open and close the window.

It’s a low-tech solution and doesn’t sound like much, but watch your neighbors and friends. A world used to air conditioning will leave energy saving on and constantly tweak their temperature needs when the feeling isn’t just right. You can cut the costs out completely by keeping a window screen installation and repair professional on hand.

Old window screens either need to be replaced or repaired, and it’s a problem that depends on how many pests are pecking away at the screen or how many nosy people in your home are placing their hands on the screen to take peeks outside.

There’s a lot of strange things that happen to screens, but whether you need something new or a quick fix for a tear, contact a mobile window screen repair professional to get a detailed solution for your home comfort.

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