Two Signs That It May Be Time To Call A Residential Electrician

Major electrical issues can sometimes seem to come out of nowhere.  You may try to flip on a light, only to experience a short that knocks out power throughout your entire house.  While you may think that this is an emergency which couldn’t have been avoided, there may have been covert symptoms that you missed.  Don’t wait until you’re in the dark; use this information to learn more about two signs that it may be time to call in a residential electrician.

You Notice Black Stains On Your Electrical Sockets

One of the telltale signs that you may need professional electrical assistance occurs when you see black stains on your electrical sockets.  This is often proof of a mini-fire that was started, and is an issue that needs to be addressed right away.

When there are black stains on or around the electrical sockets in your house, it could mean that the current is jumping.  It may be a voltage issue, which is not uncommon, but it is nonetheless quite dangerous and should be serviced by a professional as soon as possible.

Don’t make the mistake of simply going to a nearby hardware or big box store and purchasing a replacement wall socket so you won’t have to look at the black stains.  While it may temporarily make it seem that the problem has gone away, it’s merely masking what could be a serious electrical issue.

Your Technological Devices Charge Quite Slowly

Another sign that you may need a residential electrician is when technological devices such as your cellular phone or portable music player charge very slowly.  When this occurs, it could be time to upgrade your electrical system.

You may have noticed that when you visit a friend and plug in one or more of your devices at their house, they charge in no time.  Your friends may have a more up-to-date system that has enough voltage to support the various items that are plugged into the walls.  Televisions, stereos, gaming systems, as well as the typical household appliances all pull on the power.  If your system is overloaded, it won’t be able to perform at a particularly high level.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until an electrical emergency occurs before you pay attention to the symptoms which are pointing to a potential problem.  If either of these signs crops up, call in a professional right away.  For more information, contact local professionals like EJ Kennedy Master Electrician.

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