Want Automatic Gates And Don’t Know Much About Them? 3 Things You Should Consider

Automatic gates can provide security for your home. If you want to install this type of gate and you do not know much about them, you need to learn some things before you buy them. Below are three of these things so you will be happy with your purchase.

Operating System

When choosing an automatic gate, you will have the option of choosing between two types of operating systems.  One type is the hydraulic system. This operating system stands up well to high wind force, generally lasts longer, and is quiet while operating. This system is more expensive, however. If the area where you live typically does not have high winds and you are not concerned with noise, a less expensive option is the electro mechanical operating system.

Swing or Slide

When you start looking at automatic gates, you will soon see that there are both swinging and sliding automatic gates. Swing gates open outward on the side and work well for areas that are flat or for areas that have a small slope. If your yard has a steep slope, however, the slope will block the doors from opening fully. You also need to have enough space for the gates to open fully. So, if you have a large property that has mostly flat land, a swing gate would work well for you.

Sliding gates do not require a lot of room when compared to swing gates. The only thing you have to worry about is that the side of the fence needs to be clear to allow the door to slide freely. You can install sliding gates on flat land, as well as land that has a slope.


The access control system needs to be within a certain distance from your front door to work properly. How long this distance is depends on the type of system you choose. If your door is too far from the access control system, you must install solar panels or some other type of power source for the system to work well for you. Make sure you talk with the company where you purchase your gate from about this.

Talk with the automatic gate company about these three things, as well as other things you need to consider when buying your automatic gate. They can help you make the best choice on the gate that would be right for your home.

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